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S Jakubem na vlnách Ep. 04 – Mathieu Crepel and Morgan Le Faucheur

S Jakubem na vlnách Ep. 04 – Mathieu Crepel and Morgan Le Faucheur

Merry Christmas! Welcome to very first english episode of my podcast. I was lucky enough to spent some time in Prague with Mathieu Crepel and Morgan Le Faucheur during the premiere of their new surf/snowboard documentary Shaka: Born in the mountains, raised by the waves.

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Last month, we were co-organising Prague premiere of Mat’s and Morgan’s film Shaka, so we spent a weekend with them (not only partying, haha). We showed them bit of our precious Prague and I had to seize the opportunity and interview them for my fresh podcast.

Together with Freeride TV we also covered the whole event in a video report.

I think that people don’t realize, how much effort, sweat, time, nerves and love is hidden behind project like this. I intentionally didn’t mention the noun money, because that´s opposite subject of this film. We dug deep into the two year story when two lifetime buddies become even better friends during their quest of achieving biggest goal so far.

Mohlo by vás zajímat: https://www.freeride.cz/surfr/report-z-prazske-premiery-filmu-shaka

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Did you know, that the viral video with Maud Le Car shredding in high heels was also Morgan´s work? And that it’s actually a mosquito repellent ad?

Once again, thanks to Mathieu and Morgan for the great times, hope to see you at the lineup next time! Here are some links, where you can follow them:

Mathieu Instagram

Morgan Instagram

Almo Film

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Thumbnail photo credit: Quiksilver

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